The, Antibiotics, And Antibiotic Resistance Infections Essay

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Since the discovery of antibiotics, physicians have treated us for any situation that might arise. We the public put all of our faith into our doctors. Blindly trust our healers we do not ask enough questions. Now we have found ourselves in the era of the “superbugs,” antibiotic resistance infections. I believe a doctor knows what is best for me because they are a credible source that underwent heaps of schooling to be able to diagnose and treat patients. Do doctors practice medicine properly? Are they taking the time to ensure my health is going to be at its all-time best, or are they selfishly putting me at risk?
In the United States, doctors are overprescribing medicine causing the microbes in our body to kill us. First, healthcare professionals are not following proper hygiene protocol resulting in extra germs being spread around. Because of this, more antibiotics have to be written to override their passing of infections. The surge of prescriptions has given rise to antibiotic resistant bacteria, a whole new nightmare in the medical field. The outbreak of Klebsiella further proved medical staff are indeed casing illness and even death to our loved ones.
Our bodies have three lines of defense to prevent microbes from infecting our physique. The first line includes mucus, nose hairs, stomach acid, skin, and tears; just to name a few. Next, we contain both white blood cells and defensive proteins. This second line destroys pathogens along with demolishing aberrant…

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