Essay on The Anti War And The War

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Back in America the anti-war movement grew stronger and stronger as the war continued. As the war raged on and countless more American lives were lost without seemingly any more hope of victory the popular support for the war drastically shrunk. Also as more and more people were exposed to the atrocities and savagery that was happening across the sea in Vietnam, the people of the United States began to realize how wrong the war really was. Soldiers would even refuse to report to their service and at one point “there were 33,960 delinquents nationwide” (Zinn, 476). In addition, as veterans of the war came home they began to protest the war forming the Veterans against Vietnam, because as Robert Mason said in “Chickenhawk,” “sleep no longer gave me peace. I have escaped Vietnam with an H&R to Hong Kong, but I had not escaped my memories” (O’Nan, 483). It amazes me how large the anti-war movement became, yet the war still waged on for almost a decade. The fact alone that the people did not approve of the war shows how corrupt and unjust the government’s handling of the Vietnam War was.
Another example of the effect that the war had on those involved was another story written by O’Brien. O’Brien describes a time when one of his fellow soldier’s girlfriend, Mary Ann, comes to stay with them while they were out of a combat zone. When she first arrived the soldier’s girlfriend was naïve and innocent, however as time went on she leaves her innocence behind. Mary Ann changes her…

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