The Anti Smoking Campaign Presented By Nhs Essay

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The anti-smoking campaign presented by NHS (see fig. 1) clearly illustrates the severity of becoming addicted to smoking. Not only is it an addiction, but a habit that one cannot escape and will eventually be the death of that individual. Through use of scare tactic and logic regarding the outcome of fish whom become hooked, NHS construes a touchy and effective ad that delivers the harsh reality of cigarette smoking in order to save or help those potentially affected. The consequences of cigarette smoking is well known worldwide, but that doesn’t prove to speak volumes to those effected for the most part. Aside from its harmful effects on nearly every organ in the body, smoking causes a large number of diseases as well as reducing the general well-being of the individual. As if those facts do not seem convincing enough, perhaps the erratic 480,000 annual deaths only in the United States should, causing roughly one out of five deaths (CDC, Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking). Therefore, the use of a young girl being physically hooked by her smoking habit is an effective and appropriate choice to demonstrate not only her, but anyone’s difficulty escaping the filthy habit. Even if she were to attempt to escape, the hook would continue pulling her in, closer and closer to death until her eventual demise. By using such a graphic image, NHS successfully draws in the attention of smokers and not smokers. The image strikes a nightmare-like fear into those effected, as if that…

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