The Animals Of The Pigs Essay

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Many activists for animal rights have argued that the animals that we are killing for food have emotions, and therefore, have a right to life. However, one experiment has shown that “over the past few decades, tool use, once considered a skill exhibited by humans alone, has been seen in many species [such as the octopus]…” (Clemmitt). While these animals have been found to have an innovative intelligence, no experiment has been conducted to allow the world of science to truly understand the emotions of an animal. Another observation of pigs has found that the pigs are able to observe their environment (Singer). Again, the animals studied have been found to have an intelligence that does not seem to relate to their emotions. Because scientist have not been able to conclude that an animal’s emotions are complex enough to support anti-meat, no morals are able to fully be attached to the killing and processing of animals for the use of food. Even when the attachment of morals to the killing of animals does occur, those morals cannot be generalized to an entire population due to the fact that a person’s culture depicts and forms his/her morals. A recent poll has shown that “Farmers were highly utilitarian; that is, their interest was primarily in animals as resources…” (Swanson, Mench). Because the farmers rely on the animals to be killed and eaten in order to make their money to support their lives, they typically tend to support the animal agricultural industry over someone…

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