The Pros And Cons Of Mental Illness

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In cultures around the world, and throughout history, to have more than you need was, and is, considered a mental illness. What does that say about the world today? We are all ill. Society teaches us at a young age that we must stand out from others, to be individuals, and to do whatever it takes to be successful regardless of who we hurt on the way to the top. We are taught that with wealth comes happiness, so in order to be happy we must be wealthy. We have become a “wetico” society, a cannibalistic culture, we eat the life of one another for our own personal gain, and this is something that can drive us extinct if we do not change our way of thinking. People believe it is just human nature to be competitive, however, human nature is not …show more content…
We have gone to war over oil, a material product, killing many of our own men in the process. According to the National Institutes of Health at least twenty precent of Iraqi veterans suffered from PTSD. The reason PTSD is high after war is because it is not in natural human nature to kill other humans. Homo sapiens are the dominant species; at least for the time being. Even the bi nomenclature of our species definitively means “man who knows”. We are built and wired to be cooperative and kind, and to utilize the good the world has to offer; not to be heartless murderers, and destroy the world and the entire population along with it. What is the solution to the unnecessary slaughter of thousands? A simpler approach to the way we live our lives, this can benefit not only us, but all who share the earth’s resources. For example, switching to an eco-friendly car or simply riding a bike instead of driving can save fuel. This doesn’t only apply to oil and other nonrenewable resources, but things such as clothing, food, and water. Look at your closet, there is bound to be an item of clothing you never wear. Instead of throwing away old, outgrown, unused clothing donate it to those who don’t have the privilege of buying wholesale protection from the elements. People waste items that are the …show more content…
Making sure to live economically and kindly, live how you want to live, but not at the cost of another persons life. Send positive influence through accepting a person’s individual lifestyle, and treating everyone with equal respect. The Smallest good vibrations, such as the electricity in one brains, or the beating of a heart have the ability to chemically alter external matter. Studies have shown that the heart sends off an electromagnetic field that can predict the future and affect our surroundings. One of these studies was an experiment done by Rollin Mccarty, after hooking the yogurt up to a magnetometer Mccarty had someone sit in front unconnected to the yogurt and meter, then he would proceed to ask questions and as the person’s mood began to changed, so did the energy of the yogurt. This experiment proves that we have the ability to affect everyone and everything around us, whether it is negative or positive. Religion and science have finally caught up with one another, our hearts are the access point to becoming a greater people, a better

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