Essay on The Animal Of The Coyote

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I chose to write about the most versatile animal that I can think of, the coyote! The coyote is a native to my original home, Wisconsin and to my current home, Colorado! The coyote is a mammal, just like us! This being said, they are many similarities in the make up of this animal!
They coyote comes from the classification of eukaryote. From the “root” of the branch, comes both animals and plants. Animals and plants are sister taxa, meaning that they branch off from eukaryote, at the same point. I find these two to be the most closely related, for this reason. Just like we have a reproductive, cardiovascular and digestive system, so does the coyote. The reproductive system consists of the mouth, throat, liver, pancreas, stomach, large and small intestine and colon. Food will be chewed and then swallowed. It will then travel the very long way through the throat, to the stomach where it will be further broken down (called chyme). After the stomach the chyme moves along to the small intestine where it will be broken down even further, by secretions from the liver and pancreas. The small intestine is responsible for absorbing the nutrients that are obtain through the food and liquids ate/drank. The large intestine will then take the liquid that is left. This is the last stop before this chyme becomes actual waste and is disposed of. Coyotes and humans also share the respiratory and circulatory systems. These two system work hand in hand in both humans and…

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