The Angle Of The Shadows Essay

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The angle of the shadows in the room had shifted around towards midafternoon and still Merlin had not found the entry he had been searching for, though he knew he must be close. "I never knew we bought so much made out of metal," the young servant said to himself. There had been all manner of entries, in the neat handwriting of the royal clerk, about kitchen tools, fences, bells, axes and many other items besides the swords, mail, and weapons that would be expected. So far most of those had been for purchases made from the blacksmith or other craftsmen based within Camelot. The ones which were not purchased from local merchants had been for items either too large to transport, or too few or too many compared to the six or so 'things ' that had allegedly been distributed in the border towns. Others were for items that could not have been made from the Arlès metal.

Merlin sighed as he reached the end of the volume and pushed it to the side. "I guess I need to go further back," he said, walking over to the bookshelf beside the Prince 's armoire. Arthur kept about a year 's worth of ledgers in his chambers, and a new book was started every several months. It was only the active copy that was kept in the drawer; the others were kept in the bookshelf for a time and then finally brought down to Geoffrey for archiving. Merlin clearly recalled the last time one had been moved downstairs, as he 'd only been working for Arthur for a few days and had had no idea where to bring it at…

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