The And The United States ' Twin Cities ' Essay

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Tired and sweaty, the twenty-eight kids in the fall musical cast made their way towards their bags by the PAC railings. We had finished a full-run of Footloose, and it was fairly late. I grabbed my backpack and checked my phone really quick, when I saw that my Mom had texted me. At first, I thought I was going open the typical “Where are you, it’s getting late” text, but much to my surprise, she sent me a picture of an envelope. Not only did it have the big University of Minnesota “M” on it, but the word “Congrats!” was written in big maroon and gold letters. I started jumping up and down and completely freaking out, confusing my castmates. It didn’t matter; I’ve just been accepted to the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. That was nearly a month ago, and although I’m still excited, I’m no longer jumping around, unable to find the right words to say in a moment of pure adrenaline. Now I’m more concerned with something more daunting than waiting for an acceptance letter: how I am going to pay for college. My family is financially stable, but other expenses prevent us from covering every college fee I have to face for the next four to five years. My brother, for example, went to South Dakota State University for one semester before he transferred to Alexandria Technical and Community College. His idea of paying for college will definitely be a lot less stressful than mine. And now that I think about it, it’s really smart for him to do that, because the career he wants to…

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