The And The Outer Sphere Of Metaphysical Creationist Zone Essay

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#1 In the pre-commencements of life

I am or was one of four angels conceived in heaven or the outer sphere of metaphysical creationist zone, I laughed out loud to myself, mumbo-jumbo, you know. I was conceived 500 years before the creation of humans. Before Adam, Lilith and Eve’s vicious love triangle. Divine Being told me the only reason he conceived us divine being was to aid him and to keep him company.
He conceived Lucifer first and she was beautiful, he conceived her as an equal to him but because she was so young, she was the first to fall or the first claim a life of her own. Later in history because of the human male insecurities, egos and dominion of women they changed Lucifer from being a female to male. So she-he was banished to a dimension where it was conceived with 7 levels, 3 of fire and sulfur, one of neutrality (Basically like earth but a testing area.)And 3 of Ice and frozen tundra’s with cold blistering winds. And as it said in the bible Lucifer, she was basically Divine Being’s wife or mate or as the human’s would have said his left or right hand (wo-) man, either one works I guess. Oh that’s right Jesus was seated at his right hand, so that means Lucifer would have been on his left hand side, and as most humans have come to know or have made up, that the left hand path is Luci 's path, the path of evil.
Yes and for all of you out there focusing on the biblical comment that man and women were made in Divine Being’s image its true Divine Being is…

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