The Importance Of Eve On Adam And Eve

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When Satan set’s his eyes upon Adam and Eve, it is doubtful they he knew how easy it would be to corrupt their minds. Eve, in my opinion was probably the easiest to manipulate and that is why Satan was delighted to come upon her first rather than Adam. Eve, is just like any other woman, so it is quite easy to distinguish what one needs to do to get on her good graces. Due to it being Eve, Satan tempted her with his evil offer by using flattery on her. Apparently flattery will get you anywhere. Obviously he also uses lies, but because it is Eve that he is talking to, he puts on his charm and with selected words, is able to fulfill his task of tempting her. “Fairest resemblance of thy Maker fair…” (Milton 540). Satan started off his flattery by stating that she is a match for Christ in her grace and beauty. The fact that God is so highly praised, to say that she is equal to him must really boost her ego. “…Strange alteration in me, to degree of reason in my inward powers, and speech…” (Milton 584-601). Satan establishes his credibility to Eve by explaining to her that the reason we is unique to the other …show more content…
My only problem with the whole argument is the fact that God wanted them to eat the fruit. We cannot ignore the fact that God strictly forbid them from eating it. Usually when a person says no, they mean no. So if God does not want you to eat from the tree, then do not eat from the tree! That is my major problem with Satan’s logic about the whole thing, proclaiming that God wanted it to happen when it was clearly not true. Yes, it is true that if God did not want them to eat from the tree than why did he place it there in the first place? In the end, if Satan had come across Adam instead of Eve, then maybe there would have been a different outcome. Satan’s plan was executed brilliantly because Eve was just easier to fall for his flatter and

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