The And Stripped For Parts By Jennifer Kahn Essay examples

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When reading a story the reader does not usually take into account how the author constructed it. There are many different writing techniques and styles making it impossible for any two authors to write alike. In the book Science and Society Longman Reader two of the most interesting stories were found to have many differences and some similarities. “Designer Babies” by Sharon Begley and “Stripped for Parts” by Jennifer Kahn are two essay entries that show the significant differences and similarities between two different writing techniques. The way an author organizes his essay is crucial. If the reader is getting confused by the essay, the organization and format must be poor. In the essay “Stripped for Parts” the author’s organization is easy to follow and pick up. Kahn goes in chronological order of the events that occur in her writing. She does not stray from event to event without careful thought. She uses descriptive words to help the reader see what is happening during these events, for example “His face is slack but flush, he breathes steadily, and his heart beats like a clock, despite the fact that his lungs have recently leaked fluid” (Kahn, 123). In the essay “Designer Babies”, Begley uses a different way to organize her paper. Since her essay is based off of facts and argumentations over a legal issue, Begley uses a form of organization called IRAC method. This stands for issue, rule (or relevant law), application (or analysis), and conclusion: a common sense…

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