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Out of stocks, also known as oversells and stock outs, happen when you have a product sell that you cannot fulfill, or when you’ve lost a sale due to not having a product any longer. Too many out of stocks can devastate brand trust and increase customer service costs. For those reasons, how to prevent out of stocks ought to be at the top of any company’s list of priorities. Out of stocks are unique in that they’re unpleasant for pretty much everyone in the eCommerce food chain, but fortunately, by following these 5 steps to prevent out of stocks , you can save headaches company-wide.

1 | Prevent Out of Stocks by Utilizing Buffers

If you have shared inventory across multiple online marketplaces or do daily deals you may want to consider using a buffer for those items – you’ll be surprised how drastically this will prevent stock outs. There are generally two ways to think about buffers:

When you get down to a total available quantity of X, you’ll want to only have it live on XYZ marketplace. For example, when we have only two size 9 Steve Madden green pumps in stock, they will be live only on Amazon.
You only want to show 50% of your total available quantities to a daily deal site or on certain marketplaces.
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Most Channel Management systems offer buffers as one of their tools. For example, ChannelAdvisor, a channel management system that integrates with SkuVault, allows users to define a…

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