Essay on The And Sharing Of Work

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, although they are free to help each other.
Hoteling and sharing of work were compared using measurable criteria that are common in both cases. To pick the better idea, five criteria were used to measure their worth. One of the criteria used is cost which refers to the expenses in terms of monetary value to be spent to implement each idea. Additionally, the funds saved as a result of adopting each idea will provide good criteria to choose the better option. Secondly, the productivity of the two ideas was measured. Here, the overall standard of work was considered in determining the workability of the idea. Thirdly, the efficiency of each idea was evaluated by looking at both ideas and identifying which one might yield maximum output while inputting the least efforts. The fourth consideration was the workers’ morale where the two ideas were gauged to pick the right one that will boost workers’ morale. The company’s image was also considered as the fifth criteria. In this case, the evaluation was directed at how the company will appear in its interaction with the market place.
This report was compiled after doing thorough researches on the two options. Literature review was conducted on both alternatives. Usage of vast materials that were employed provided enough information for conducting a logical analysis on the two options. Additionally, similar researches where sharing of work and hoteling were compared was used to justify the findings. These…

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