The And Reproductive Rights Movement Essay example

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Each year, millions people from all over the world fight for women’s rights of suffrage, equal employment, education, human rights and reproductive rights. The reproductive rights have a significant influence in women’s rights, especially in the United States. In the history of the United States, since eighteenth century the reproductive rights movement has been struggling because of its moral consideration, especially abortion. When abortion was a crime, the maternal deaths were high for women who resort to illegal abortions (Pollitt, 1997, p.112). Although the United States has been legalized abortion in the American contemporary history, the debate of health care coverage for abortion shapes the directions of social welfare reform. The Hyde Amendment, which prohibits the using of feral funding for abortion, is one of the significant social policies that impact on women’s reproductive rights.
Historically, abortion has been an ongoing social debate. The conservative group argues about the rights of the fetus, whereas opponents group, like Margaret Sanger, the founder of the reproductive rights movement, promotes the idea that, “The first step toward getting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for any woman is her decision whether or not she shall become a mother” (Sanger, 1914). Sanger advocated women should have rights to access to birth control, abortion, and family planning during early twentieth century. Although she increased the public awareness regarding…

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