Essay about The And Reproductive Health Services

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offered as a separate service in separate facilities was advocated; and the need for reproductive health services specifically designed for refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) was recognized. Overall, it called for a fundamental rethink of health service provision (Sen, 1994; Bongaarts, 1994; Hartmann, 1987)
As reported by Pearce (2001), the international population establishment became more interested in Africa’s population growth rates after the 1960s, and significantly increased pressure for fertility control in the 1970s, Nigeria and other countries resisted advice on policy development until the mid-1980s. As further pointed out by Pearce, changes in population policies came after the economic recession, which began in the 1970s. In spite of the fact that Nigerian physicians had for a long time been privately concerned about mortality rates and the health of mothers and children, the push from the West to link fertility to national development in Third World nations only made headway as each African nation sank into an economic crisis
2.2 Adolescents’ Reproductive Health Etymologically, the term adolescence has been said to be derived from the Latin word “adolescere” meaning “to grow up”. So, literally, adolescence could mean the state of growing up from childhood to adulthood. It has also been noted that the formal study of adolescence began sometime in the 1940s.There has been a lack of consensus among scholars on the actual definition of adolescence and…

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