The And Of The Wild Essay

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Beginning in 1964, (Orcinus orca), better known as “orcas”, or “killer whales”, were put in cages for the world to see. Due to marketing by Sea World, The view of the 12,000 lb killer whale has shifted from a dangerous and ruthless killer to a cuddly animal that children sleep with at night. Orcas are now one of the star money makers at theme parks and will continue to be put in captivity until laws say they cannot. Orcas are remarkably similar to humans, very intelligent, and complex creatures. Similar to humans they have very complex social systems, and that can be a problem when multiple of them are confined in a small space, considering that they swim between 70 and 100 miles a day in the wild, That means that they live their life in a tank that is at least 70 times smaller than their normal swim…everyday of their life.
SeaWorld claims that because of their veterinary care that the orcas in their parks live longer than their wild counterparts. In one instance in 2007, SeaWorld stated that “We have often said that 30 years is a good estimate of average killer whale lifespan as we can exceed that age, as evidence by one of ours, Corky. She is at least 40 and perhaps as old as 42. Biology of Marine Mammals said that female killer whales in their studies group had a mean life expectancy of 31 years and males just 19 years”. Researchers (and SeaWorld) have known for the past 20 years that this is false the average orca can live between 80 to 100 years old in the…

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