The And Of The Public Eye Essay

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There had been some rumors that you two, had broken up; evidently that’s all that they were, rumors. It’s understandable that being under the constant surveillance of the public eye makes it all the harder for a relationship to develop into a long, and healthy one. However, this isn’t a problem unique to high profile individuals. Nevertheless, all relationships are not created equal. We all have to put in different levels of effort, and sacrifice into our commitments to others. We are a naturally wired communicative species, and therefore the importance of interaction with those around us is in critical need to be understood. Luckily, there are characteristics that are synonymous with the enduring of all relationships, and contradictions in the nature of relationships that once being grasped can serve as aid to assure couples stick together through straining obstacles in life.
Let me begin with saying that much to your advantage, you two are very unique, and successful individuals; for example Taylor is a country singer gone pop star, while Calvin is a DJ/Producer. You two may share much in common,which is why you came together, but operate in contrasting environments more than likely at work. The characteristic of variability in your lives, and careers is actually tremendously in your favor. What I mean by variability is, being able to meet you partner in a diverse number of ways of ways. Whether you 're on tour, at an awards show, or taking a vacation in across the seas…

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