The And Of A Video File Essay

1269 Words Dec 7th, 2015 null Page
Throughout this past semester I have been pushed to constantly expand my ability to communicate meaning through methods which were foreign and unexplored by myself previously. I came into this semester with an extensive history in developing standard written English. Throughout my previous English classes I had focused on writing essays, summaries, and standard reports on books and other written articles. Never before had I learned to establish a theme within a movie, or express my ideas in the form of a video file. This stricture to the written forms of English at first made it difficult transitioning to a class where I had to work with a variety of mediums, I found it difficult to discover deeper meanings and establish a solidified argument. I was unable to find the themes that most captured my ideas on the works, and my examples from within the works just scratched the surface of the underlying wealth of information in the sources. As the course progressed I was able to develop the skills related to comprehensively understanding non-written forms of English and using these mediums in my own work. This will perform an essential role in future job skills as I can convey information when working with a team or to a superior/subdivision much more effectively. Through learning how to harness additional modes of communication, my ability to create the basis of an argument in general was improved. The knowledge of how to search for additional cues inside of media has…

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