Essay The And Of A Middle Class

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For a middle class, mostly raised as white, American, it’s safe to say I’ve had quite the brush in with Christianity’s definition of God. More than that actually. Most of my family’s life was spent in the Midwest. Ohio to be exact. While my parents and I were hopping around the whole United States on military standby, the rest of my family on my dad’s side was, has been, and always will be, a part of a very cult like denomination of Christian church. When we finally settled in Ohio, after my dad got released, we began regularly attending it. There I learned a very different God than I know today. There I was introduced to what I would spend nearly every day wrestling with for a very, very long time. My conceptions of God started off obviously very conservative. Almost more extreme than commonly viewed conservative opinions of the Christian divine I would say. God started out as a male figure, above all, deciding my behavior, clothing, pass-times, and future career. The only savior to not getting completely indoctrinated was my mom, who was raised secular. We were not supposed to watch Television at all, my mom allowed us to. We were supposed to wear head coverings and dresses at all times, my mom didn’t enforce the policy anywhere else but church. We were meant to be quiet and only speak when spoken to, as women. My mom thought that was ridiculous. My dad never cared to stand up to her, and honestly, I’m sure he was sick of the church himself. That lack of interest,…

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