The And Littering Essay

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Take a gaze around. Everywhere litter can be discovered. Highways, forests, even playgrounds. It can be assumed that the higher the population the higher the pollution. Numerous people are guilty of the common crime, whether they admit it or not. This says what about those who partake in the act of littering? Investigating the advertisement provided, it shows the extent of their laziness. All in the entire article happens to attack people who throw trash on the ground no matter the size, or location.
What might be the first detail one notices about the picture? Probably the Lays chip bag along with the Krazy glue packaging. The majority of people are familiar with these brands, so it gives them a sense of familiarity. Further analysis of the trash leads to the discovery that it has a message. The “La-” of the Lays chip bag, and the “-zy” of the Krazy glue, are combined to craft the word “Lazy”. In all probability, the reader can process that this is an attack towards litterbugs. The further one observes the picture the obvious, overlooked details come into mind. There are significantly less sized pieces of litter surrounding the larger hunks of junk. For example, there is a cigarette butt, an extremely common source of litter, as well as a minute piece of paper/wrapper, and lastly a coffee cup lid. It attempts to show that no matter what size, littering is littering.
The next part that can catch the eye of the audience states, “Littering says a lot about you.” This is a…

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