Essay on The And Its Effect On The Earth

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Electronegativity is based upon the atoms strength within the element to attract electrons to form bonds. Now atoms like to fulfil the octet rule of having a perfect 8 outer shell causing it to be stable. Now unfortunately not all elements have a full outer shell now elements on the left side of the periodic table contain less than half of electrons the required energy to gain electrons is much higher than comparison to trying the energy to lose an electron. So the elements on the left side when they form bonds they actually lose electrons. Now on the right side of the periodic table are much more efficient in energy to gain electrons to form a complete outer shell. When we move across the periodic table from left to right the electronegativity increases this is because when the atoms shell is less than half it therefore needs less energy than to gain one now as we move across the atoms shell is more than half full causing it to pull an electron than lose one. When we move down a group in the table the electronegativity decreases this is due to the atomic number which increases down the group this causes a bigger distance between the electron and the nucleus so the atomic radius is bigger. So we can see electronegativity is the tendency of measure of an atom attracting a bonding pair of electrons. A Pauling scale is usually used for electronegativity values. Electronegativity can affect bonding of pure substances and solutions. Substances that have a high…

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