The And Gas Industry : An Epic Narrative Broken By Modifications

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For over 100 years the story was 0ne of growth in production to supply a largely Western-driven market, and of competition between private companies for access to reserves. Since 2OO5, oil prices have moved to a permanently high level. 0ther industries are capturing some of the demand for transport by producing more efficient engines, vehicles, ships and aircraft, and by supplying alternative fuels. New technologies are providing diverse but uncertain opportunities for producing ‘unconventional’ oil and gas in many parts of the w0rld.This particular study report is focused on change.
The short history of the 0il and Gas industry is an epic narrative broken by modifications brought about by changes in technology, political systems (including war) and the enterprise of those in the industry. x 0ver 100 years the industry st0ry has been of volume growth with discontinuities in the control of markets and resources. With each change some elements disappear as absolutely as the makers of horse-drawn carriages, valve radios and box cameras. Continuities from different eras are reflected in the diversity of the present industry: US companies continue the structure originating from the breakup of Standard 0il in 1911 by the US Department of Justice: European companies have international directions which reflects the early using of resources in countries that were either colonial territories 0r politically dependent on European powers, newer companies which emerged wholly or partly…

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