The Oil Boom In Oklaha Lesson Analysis

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1. Title of the Lesson: The Oil Boom in Oklahoma

2. Instructional Unit: Oklahoma After World War II

3. Target Audience (Course & Grade Level): Oklahoma History/ 9th Grade

4. Time Requirement/Duration of lesson: 2 Class days/ 60-minute class times.

5. Introduction or Rationale (Significance) of the lesson:
During the lesson students will be introduced to the economic impact of fossil fuels, the development of Tulsa as the “Oil Capital of the World”, oil reserves (Anadarko Basin), and how oil speculation and drilling works. I am teaching this lesson as a key piece of Oklahoma history after 1950’s to present, with emphasis on the fossil fuel economy. The first teaching method that I chose was direct instruction for day 1; day 2 includes a student guided review, and a hands-on, practical, and engaging “Oil Exploration Activity”. I chose direct instruction for
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It is important to have the foundation of day 1, to give a deeper understanding of the “Oil Exploration Activity”, which has students speculate for oil reserves, buy drilling equipment, and drill for oil. This activity replicates the largest and most profitable industry in Oklahoma. Furthermore, the assessment is a summary/ reflection paper, which forces students to evaluate, interpret, and synthesize the lesson and activity into a clear document of understanding. Additionally, it allows students to visually see videos and pictures of Oklahoma’s history; students compare and contrast various graphs and tables associated with Oklahoma’s oil economy. The activity builds on the lecture, which is overally assessed by the writing assignment. This lesson plan meets serveral NCSS and state standards including culture; time, continuity, and change; people, places, and environments; individuals, groups, and institutions; power, authority, and governance; production, distribution, and

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