Gasland Movie Analysis

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Course Title: Environmental Law and Policy

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Documentary review-

Directed by-JOSH FOX

United States of America, the superpower is stated as an example whenever we discuss how governance should play its role in people’s welfare. Gasland is an outcome of the letter Josh Fox received by a natural gas company to drill in his backyard. This documentary can be an eye opener or a setback for all those who think that it’s just the developing nations who sit and play with environment protection acts to make money and prosper its economy. It’s not about compensation; it’s the plight of residents who have their settlements on Marcellus Shale for not even getting heard. Marcellus Shale the great
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Primetime Emmy in the year 2011, Environmental Media Award
,Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Prize and Yale Environmental Film Festival Grand Jury Prize in the year 2010. This was no end for GASLAND even after winning all above awards; it was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2011. Many more achievements of this ice breaking documentary are not mentioned but you can any day search the list of awards which this documentary has earned by unraveling the mysteries behind Hydraulic Fracturing.
Is compensation or money to rebuild your home at some other place enough every time? Is it justified to say “next please” when you put a question pertaining to your well being? Are you secure in a country where the government closes its eyes just to believe that everything is fine with the people of the country? This documentary or I would better call it a reflection of self destruction attitude that the present government dignities and infamous industrialists are having for mere development. These industries are secretly using some of the most hazardous chemicals in the process of hydraulic fracturing. These chemicals are leeching out in the ground water aquifers thereby polluting it. This
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This simply showed how just the emergence of drilling set ups made their own house inhabitable for them. As mockingly said by Josh that the water which these people residing on Marcellus Shale are using is only great for some bizarre science experiment or brain storming recreational activities. What further added to their dilemma was that the burden of proof lied with the people not with the industry to justify that these industries are polluting. Energy is no doubt important in today’s era but is it wise to produce it at the cost of water. Strangely the Safe Drinking Water Act, Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act exempted oil and gas industries from disclosing the chemicals they are injecting in the ground water reserves under the Energy Policy Act, 2005. Chemicals whose known effects to humans are testicular toxicity, malformation of the embryo, bone marrow depression, and hemolysis are recklessly used in Hydraulic Fracturing fluid. Water people were drinking tasted metallic, tasted of gas and it was horrifying to see when tap water actually burst into flames. Dizziness, nausea, lack of taste and smell were few of those effects which constantly reminded them of the compromises they

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