Essay on The, And Future Folk

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Sup friends, family, and future folk, I have returned from the depths of my desk where I serve the public. Its kind of weird because when I was younger I told myself that I never wanted to sit at a desk, but here I am... sitting at an (ergonomically correct) desk.

This isn 't some weird horror story where I sit at this desk for 35 years and retire as a jaded old white man who has a farm in the country where I breed little murderous horses that only attack on the second Friday of the month during golden hour so they look great for Instagram (please help me Kickstart this b movie that I am trying make more appealing to a new demographic (small town farmers who are cross breeding animals for new age cute internet memes)).

This isn 't some heartwarming story about how I worked a mundane job but all of a sudden we were allowed dogs in the work place and everyone 's hatred slowly dissipated (working title: WorkBud).

This story is more like the story of the horse from Horsin ' Around, and beloved Netflix celebrity, BoJack Horseman. Its real. Or at least it feels real. Its one of those weird twisted moments where on the outside, everything looks like. But it doesn 't feel right.

Imagine eating Chinese leftovers that you forgot to put in the fridge two days ago, and think about how that feels. It tastes great, you are satisfied with the crispiness of the Chow Mein noodles dripping in black bean sauce. But moments later, as you run to the closest bathroom, you realise that your…

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