The And Content Implementation Plan Essay

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Content Implementation Plan I am grateful and appreciative for all the valuable information I obtained from this course to incorporate into my reading program. Allington addressed several components of instruction that are crucial in ensuring reading interventions are delivered with the best intentions to assist students in responding to reading interventions. However my “aha-moments” included the topics: the volume of reading, matching students’ level two texts, expert interventionist, matching intervention to the classroom curriculum, and group size.

Volume of Reading

The volume of reading is a critical component that supports the quantity of extensive reading required to ensure struggling readers accelerate the reading rate to develop proficient readers. Often the reading interventions focus on specific reading skills such as phonics, word recognition, fluency (speed), and etc. The research suggests the intervention time be dedicated to continuous reading versus using the majority of the time working on individual skills. Allington provided me the critical awareness and the importance of the quantity of extensive reading. I definitely will redesign my intervention time to reflect the suggested amount of time to focus on individual reading skills and extensive reading, as Allington suggested. Therefore, I look forward to incorporating extensive reading into my reading groups and excitedly wait to analyze data after redesigning my intervention time.


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