The American Revolutionary War Between Great Britain And The Colonies Of The New World

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The American Revolutionary War occurred between Great Britain and the colonies of the New World. The colonies declared war and sought their independence from Great Britain as a new nation. The war was the combination of the political and series of coarse policies that Great Britain brought onto the colonies that led to the revolution. The American Revolution was led by great leaders that had different assessments of our new nation. These leaders who became our founding fathers had different political views which ultimately led our country’s first political parties and formed our government to what is today.
It is stated that the American Revolutionary War began in 1775 as a result of the Boston massacre or a result of the Boston Tea party. The American Revolution had begun long before. The Revolution was in the hearts and minds of the people that started since 1916 with the House of Burgesses and the Mayflower Compact of 1920, thus making the American Revolution a process that led the colonies to seek independence from Great Britain. (Learning Objective II)
The process that led to the American Revolution was determined by several factors. In the early years of the colonies’ development and expansion, the colonist had one share political rights of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. (Learning Objective II) The drive came from the land that was available to the colonist and the lack of strict laws from Great Britain. This gave the colonists hope regardless…

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