The American Revolution : Thomas Paine Essay

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Early Life in England At first glance the town of Thetford, located 60 miles northeast of London, might not look like much, but it is actually the birthplace of one of the most influential people in the American Revolution: Thomas Paine. On January 29, 1737 a baby boy was born to Joseph and Frances Paine. At the time no one knew what the boy would grow up to be, and no one would know for another 36 years! But the first 36 years of his life were marked by failure and tragedy, until he moved to the land of hopes and dreams: America. In his childhood, Thomas Paine had very little education, and his future looked very bleak. He attended 6 years of elementary school from ages 7 to 12, where he received the very little schooling he would ever get. When he reached 13 he was apprenticed to his father, a corset-maker, and at the age of 22 he established a shop in Sandwich, Kent selling corsets. Later that year, in september he married Mary Lambert, but his business collapsed soon after that. So there he was, almost 23 years old and unemployed with a wife to support, but that wasn’t the worst of it. His wife got pregnant late 1759 and both she and their child died in childbirth. Some people would give up at this point, but Thomas Paine was strong and he kept going. He became an excise officer where he hunted smugglers and collected taxes on goods such as liquor and tobacco. But Thomas Paine was not very good at any of these jobs that he had in England, and it seemed like his life was…

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