Thomas Paine Biography Report

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Jacob Barquet
Mrs. Styler
US History, Period 4
3 October 2015
Thomas Paine Biography For this biography report on Thomas Paine I will work through his life like a timeline. From when and where he was born to when and where he died. Along with his lifelong accomplishments for example his pamphlet “Common sense.” First is Thomas Paine’s birthplace which is Thetford, Norfolk, Great Britain on January 29, 1737 he is the son of Joseph Paine and Frances (Cocke) Paine. He had a childhood with mixed religion because he had an Anglican mother and a Quaker father. Thomas Paine also didn’t have much education as a child, but he was taught how to read, write, and do arithmetic (math.) But, didn’t use these skills much until he was older because when he was thirteen he started to help his dad at work as a stay maker which is which are the thick ropes used on sailing ships. Later on in his life he had a a few other kind of odd jobs as an officer of excise which is a tax collector more specifically he a liquor and tobacco tax collector, he also hunted down smugglers. He never was too great at any of his jobs and they didn’t pay too good either, so he wrote a 21-page article called “The Case of the Officers of Excise” which gave reason to increase pay of officers and he spent the summer of 1772 handing out 4,000 copies of this first political work by him. He later got fired in the spring of 1774. But, he got a lucky break and soon met Benjamin Franklin who employed him as an editor for his newspaper the “Pennsylvania Gazette.” Back to Thomas’s more personal life he married Mary (Lambert) Paine on September 17, 1759, but lost her
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