The American Revolution ( 1775-1783 ) Essay

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The American Revolution (1775-1783)
The 13 colonies rejected Britain 's impose taxes and authority in order to found the united states of America. Expanding into a world war, France and the Netherlands joined America, bringing them resources and military power. The American colonies were ultimately able to gain independence from Great Britain in 1783.

Battle of Yorktown (September-October 1781)
When General Cornwallis seized Yorktown and Gloucester, General Washington marched from New York to attack. Cornering Cornwallis and his troops, Washington along with other french and American troops, proceeded to battle for a month. Cornwallis surrendered in October of 1781, ending the American Revolutionary war.

Declaration of Independence (1776)
The formal document separating the 13 colonies from great Britain rule. Signed by 56 delegates, the document summarized the natural rights of the people and the founding qualities of the new United States of America.

Bill of Rights (1791)
The first 10 amendments of the Constitution make up a bill of rights. These amendments limited government power and helped secure natural rights for citizens. Formulated to address objections made by anti-Federalists post-constitution.

Alien and Sedition Acts (1798)
A collection of four bills passed by the federalists to limit immigrants rights and deport aliens. Once President John Adams signed the acts, conflict arose that they were only in place to suppress voters, but they were still used.…

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