The American Population Has A Love Of Soda Essay

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The American population has a love of soda. They also have an obesity epidemic and a rising rate of obesity related diseases. Many city politicians have attempted to pass a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages in an effort to decrease consumption. However, a soda tax has met with opposition by consumers, some politicians, and the soft drink industry. The tax proposal continues to come up for debate by city officials and public health experts as the nation attempts to decrease empty carbohydrate intake, improve nutrition and reduce diabetes. Taxation of sugar-sweetened beverages would, for the most part, make a positive impact on improving the health of individuals and the nation as a whole. Governments should tax sugar-sweetened beverages in order to discourage their consumption and make our society healthier.
Soda is an unhealthy beverage that leads to obesity. According to the American Heart Association, drinking just one bottle of soda puts one over the recommended daily limit of sugar (Bittman). Unfortunately, many soda consumers will drink more than one soda per day, further putting their health at risk from the large intake of sugar. In a meta-analysis, soda consumption intake was associated with an increase in weight and a lower intake of milk, calcium and other key nutrients. This ultimately places one at risk for several medical problems such as diabetes (Vartanian). The high glycemic load from the sugar in soda increases the insulin resistance of cells, therefore…

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