The American Political Culture : The Ideals Of Individualism And Liberty

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The American political culture contains various concepts and values. Indeed, Americans share the same perspectives, the support in the ideals of individualism and liberty. The idea of individualism encompasses the idea that we as Americans have rights. For instance, we can make independent decisions, and we are responsible for our lives. We define liberty as having the freedom to do as we please with limits in the interest of having a stable society. It has been twenty-five years after one of the greatest men, who help our nation create a national government has died. Alexander Hamilton was a lawyer, “a veteran of the Continental Army and a hero of the Battle of Yorktown.” The American political culture is tangle with our honor culture. Because of having honor culture engraved into American society we have lost Alexander Hamilton. Honor culture contains values and rules. It is important for political figures to protect their reputation, therefore; dueling was an action that became connected to honor culture. Leading political actors such as Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr and others appear to be behaving irrational, however, it is the result of the connection between American political culture and honor culture, instilling the right values and the crisis our nation experienced.
The beginning of colonization had specific motives to "creating an ideal life and society." For this reason, the United States was founded on ideas and principles, making us…

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