The American Paradox By Michael Pollan Essay

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In the “American Paradox,” Michael Pollan confronts the “American Paradox: a notably unhealthy population preoccupied with nutrition and thee idea of eating healthy” (268). Americans are obsessed with the trend of healthy eating that they fail to see the unhealthy results it has on them. The unhealthy trend of “healthy diets” is a result of the rise of multi-billion dollar food-marketing business and the “shifting grounds of nutrition science” (268). Michael Pollan believes that Americans focus too much on the scientific aspect of food that they fail to concentrate on their own health and happiness. Americans have misconceptions on the way Americans eat because of the rise of nutrition science, flawed data on healthy eating, and the redefinition of eating.
Before the rise of low-fat diets and the craze on healthy eating, people would simply eat food for the social and cultural aspect. In the past couple of decades, Americans have eaten with no result of unhealthy habits until the twentieth century when the government and major food industries emphasized the importance of healthy eating in the American population. In the past, humans have decided what to eat by the nature of their culture. Food was a part of culture. It defines a person. Food shows where a person comes from, what kind of person they are, and even where they originated from. Food was simple. Mothers would cook for their children and the children would eat whatever was provided. There were no nutrition…

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