The American Paradox By Michael Pollan Essay

1526 Words Dec 6th, 2015 null Page
In “The American Paradox” by Michael Pollan, Pollan states that there is something wrong with how Americans think about eating today. He claims that Americans are more focused on listening to confusing and contradictory dietary advice about healthy eating from nutritionists, food marketers and journalists that we are neglecting the food from our culture(s). I agree with Pollan’s claims because cultural eating is healthier than following the advice of experts. I also agree on his claims that these experts are giving confusing and contradictory dietary advice. Even though Americans are so focused on healthy eating and getting the right nutrients, America still is a country with high rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Pollan calls this the American paradox, in contrast to what American nutritionists call the French paradox, where the French, “who blithely eat beef and cheese and drink red wine,” or cultural food, are living healthier than Americans. This shows that there is something wrong with the advice from nutritionists, food marketers and journalists Throughout most of history, humans have been able to navigate through their food and eating decisions without the use of advice from experts. Instead of following what an expert said, humans used culture to guide them for healthy eating. Pollan compares culture with a mother, because they both guide us throughout our lives and have teachings that have been passed down. The questions “What to eat, how much of it…

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