Essay about The American Of The United States

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Sitting beside his grandmother, Patrick listens to her recount the life her ancestors lived before coming to America, the Land of the Free. Every word that fell from her mouth expressed such passion, a passion for her family history. He heard the pride in her voice as the story continued. He learned his family was built on strength and kindness, characteristics that still remain. Listening to this story for years, the boy grew up with the same pride in his Irish family that his grandmother conveyed. Just as Patrick remembers his grandmother’s story, many Native Americans recall the tales of the past told for generations. Their pride carries on through every aspect of their culture, one unique to every tribe. Although Americans, such as Patrick, recognize Native Americans and their existence, they often fail to truly honor and respect their culture with insensitive stereotypes. The many athletic teams represented by Indian mascots disregard this country’s first inhabitants’ worth. Degrading Native American lives, the Washington Redskins and the Florida State Seminoles challenge society to look past team spirit in order to respect human life. Washington’s National Football League team, the Redskins, targets Native Americans with stereotypical characterizations far too inconsiderate to remain present in society. For decades, professional athletic teams have displayed harmful mascots, including the Washington Redskins which emerged in 1933 (Waldron). Nothing was thought of the…

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