The American Of The Mexican American War Essay

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Quite recently, one of the presidential candidates, Donald Trump, declared that if elected president, he would construct a wall between Mexico and the United States. Considering that the border of the United States and Mexico is approximately 2,100 miles today, it seems like a waste of taxpayer dollars and time. Many consider it so and brush off Trump as a lunatic. However, while the concept appears insane now, imagine if America had not secured a victory in the Mexican-American War. A war that concluded roughly a hundred and seventy years ago, the Mexican-American War was a conflict between, as the name would imply, Mexico, and the United States over the territories of California, Texas, and New Mexico, 525,000 square miles of land, which put about half of Mexico’s land at stake. The rewards for the Americans were much grander, and promised many possibilities, in contrast, if the Mexicans won, nothing would change for them. While nothing would be altered for them, life as we know it today would greatly differ. If the Mexicans emerged victorious, the border would ascend up into the States, practically doubling the distance of the wall Trump desires to construct. Only then, perhaps he would consider that the mere notion is impractical. Furthermore, if America had not won, one has to wonder, what modern consequences would there be in not only New Mexico, but also the United States? Prior to this War, the American and Mexican relations were already tense over the subject of…

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