Essay on The American Of The Korean War

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Although Canada is mostly recognized as a peaceful multicultural country in the 21st century, it was also known for its unstoppable military force that had great triumphs in many wars throughout the 20th century. The Korean War is a fine example of the brilliance canadian soldiers displayed during the 1950s. The war started on “June 25th, 1950, [when] the military forces of North Korea crossed the 38th Parallel into South Korea” in which South Korea viewed it as a sign of hostility. The cold war finally erupted into a proxy war, with UN forces led by US against North Korea and China. “The United Nations [including Canada] decided to fight the North Korean invasion.” Canada played a major role in the Korean War because all three branches of the Canadian Armed Forces; the Canadian infantry, navy and air force contributed significantly during the war.
The Canadian infantry made a great impact in the Korean War, considering its success in many battles. Every battalion in the RCR (Royal Canadian Regiment) expe­ri­enced intense bat­tles in addi­tion to the long peri­ods of patrolling and hold­ing their fixed posi­tions at Chail- li, Song­guk Spur, Kowang- San, and Hill 187. The Battle of Kapyong was a major battle that Canadian soldiers partook in. “The Battle of Kapyong started on the 23rd of April, 1951 and lasted for two days in the Valley of the Kapyong River.”
The UN force, which were mainly Canadians and Australians, were composed by 2,800 men, fighting against the…

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