Essay on The American Of The Civil War

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In the 1860s, there was neither a doctor nor even nurse that had yet come up or establishes biology and was semi dumb of the causes and reasons of such diseases in the 1860s. In the Civil War doctors went too medical school for only about two or four years more of school. Now in the Civil War time period medical improvements were so little, they practically wasn’t there at all, and that goes the same for doctors. The medicine time in the 1860s was the new start of the equipment that we use today. But in the 1860s doctors or nurses were known as specialists. When the Civil War began, The American Army doctors or health staff contained only the specialist general, thirty physicians, and eighty-three assistant specialists. Of all the specialists, only about twenty something people decided to go to the south and some were cut off for not being loyal. The medical forces begun the war help service with only about half of the men they had from the start. The Civil War ended in 1865, which meant more than a thousand speacillists had helped out or were helping out. Many of the assistant doctors were under paid and had to work under harsh conditions but only on a certain amount of time. Now they did get to wear certsin tye of clothing but never helped out near the battling obverse. In the Civil War there was a Confederacy, and the Confederacy had only a vertain amount of specialists. Those specialists kept the flow of things going extremely well. They did that because the…

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