Essay about The American Nursing Code Of Ethics

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This education is important so the nurse is able to keep Jack’s family informed and educated on his current and possibly changing health status. Finally, communication is a professional standard crucial to ethical decision making in Jack’s case because in order for the family to cope with the stress from Jack’s hospitalization they must be able to convey information to the family in “communication formats that promote accuracy” (D. Hatteberg, Class Notes, October 27, 2015).
The American Nursing Code of Ethics found in Butts & Rich is another helpful literary resource in the exploration of ethical decision making in the field of nursing. With the use of this code a nurse is able to have guidelines in providing help with relationships, patient interests, and human rights. The nurse will develop a relationship with the family, and put Jack’s interests first and foremost in regards to his human rights while being able to use the Code of Ethics as a guideline.
After analyzing standards and codes, we were able to develop two possible solutions to the nursing ethical issues that arise from Jack’s case. The first solution includes explaining to the family that it is not legal to pull the plug on the ventilator without a physician’s approval, but provide support to the family through the difficult time, and the second option includes understanding the circumstances in which the family is under and pull the plug to save the family prolonged grief and financial issues. There are…

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