Essay on The American Civil War

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An America Divided President Abraham Lincoln explained the duality of the country’s debate about the largest social issue of 1861 –slavery. Consequently, the United States refrained from instant combat within its own borders, instead the actuality of the nation fighting within its own borders created havoc and division unlike any other before its time. Moreover, the central themes of the American Civil War were rested on a premise that was ignited mainly by four actions, John Brown’s raid, the election of 1861, Southern Secession, and The Crittenden Compromise. These critical instances helped support the ideologies of the war and sustained the belief system that would motivate the southern animosities resulting in the Civil War.
Tensions between the Union states and the Confederate states were mounting throughout the period prior to the actual combat. Numerous conflicts contributed to the war that permanently altered the country’s social climate and racial structure. John Brown, an abolitionist backed by several Northern reformers, led a raid on Harpers Ferry in Virginia. Although Brown was unsuccessful in his attempt to defeat slavery, he was able to agitate southerners which further separated them in beliefs from the understandings of the northern states and the federal government. What undoubtedly caused the most damage to the relationship of Northern and Southern states was the response of some Northerners to the situation. For example, Ralph Waldo Emerson, who…

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