Essay about The American Civil War : Women 's Rights

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The American Civil War was fought between the northern and southern soldiers during 1861-1865. This war played a crucial part in shaping the opinions of citizens and provisional gender roles during war time; females were encouraged to help aid the soldiers. Ladies at this time were “vivandieres” who were often known to accompany and provide support to the Union and Confederate army. A handful of women also impersonated themselves as men and joined the fight, while many other females were nurses and spies. As thousands of enslaved ladies were just beginning to be freed, they began their new lives surrounded by the barbarity and midst of the war. When the war was put to an end, 160,000 ladies were left mourning about their family members who had fought and passed away. The American Civil War notably impacted the lives of various American women. When analyzing women 's rights from former years, an American lady had ameliorated their additional legal rights. White and black women had the same rights; however, racial prejudice made it difficult to determine the black women’s privilege. The females legal rights were determined on her social status and where she had settled in; “Single women could enter into contracts, buy and sell real estate, or accumulate personal property, which was called personalty” (gilder lehrman). Married women at the time relied heavily on her husband as legal statuses changed immensely and they no longer had independence. Coverture was an assumption…

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