Essay about The American Civil War : The United States

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The American Civil War had an ever lasting, and in some cases most devastating, effect on the United States. Unlike with traditional war fought between two countries, the nature of the American Civil War made for certain that there would be a most devastated loser within the United States —turning out to be the Southern, Confederate States. Such compounded with the fact that the Northern, Union States could hardly consider theirselves victorious, due to the great losses they faced — reconstructing the United States in post Civil War America would be no small task for the divided nation. As one would guess, it was no small secret that the rest of the world had now taken the Civil War as a sign of America slipping into a dysfunctional, unstable, chaotic state. In many cases they were quite right. America had its work cut out for them, in not only erasing such a narrative, but in truly putting back together their ultra divided nation. To do such an effort was made to reestablish the United States once again as a global super power in all ways possible. The work/actions of reestablishing the United States, once again, as a united global super power can be seen in the Worlds Fair(s), the Spanish American War, and the building of the panama canal.

In hoping to accomplish post Civil War reconstruction, the platform that was the World’s Fair was used by the United States to showcase their perceived ‘supremacy’ to the rest of the world — this beginning in Philadelphia in 1876.…

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