The American Civil War : The Bloodiest War Of American History

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The American Civil War is alternatively known as the bloodiest war in American history. During this war, over 620,000 individuals lost their lives to fight for ideas they believed would be best for the future of the country. Unfortunately, in addition to casualties of war, countless people died as a result of disease. Medicine was still not technologically advanced to the point where it could compete against such grand injuries. However, a copious amount of lives were saved due to the efforts of a multitude of doctors and nurses. One of the most notorious and honored nurses in American medical history is a woman named Clarissa Harlowe Barton, more commonly known as Clara Barton, the founder of the American Red Cross. Clara Barton was the fifth child born in her family on December 25, 1821, in North Oxford, Massachusetts. Growing up, Clara was a shy introvert most likely due to the fact that she was homeschooled by her older siblings. As for her exposure to war, her father, Captain Stephen Barton, served the country during the Indian wars and told Clara about his experiences. She began her journey of helping individuals at the age of eleven years old when her brother fell ill. For two years, she attended to her brother as his personal nurse. Her father later sent her to a private boarding school and although intelligent, Clara 's shyness drove her back home. This caused her mother, Sarah, to get Clara mentally evaluated. Her phrenologist recommended that to overcome her…

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