The American Association Of Neuroscience Nurses Essay

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The profession of nursing continues to grow and gain recognition as being one of the most honest professions. As of 2014, the Gallup survey revealed that nursing has been ranked as the number 1 ethically sound and honest profession for 12 consecutive years (Kentucky Nurse, 2014). This recognition shows that nurses are gaining respect from the public. Unfortunately, nurses cannot practice with complete autonomy as respected health care professionals. They must follow certain orders and guidelines gives by doctors and other superiors when they are providing treatment and caring for patients. One way for nurses to develop a higher level of autonomy is by joining a professional nursing organization.
Professional nursing organizations provide various opportunities for nurses to take advantage of, so they grow in their profession. The American Association of Neuroscience Nurses (AANN) is one of over 200 professional nursing organizations that provide advanced educational and professional opportunities to its members. Barbara Therrien founded the AANN in 1968 with help from Dr. Henry Scwartz and Agnes M. Marshall. For the first meeting held on April 11, 1968, 100 members showed up to learn how to inform people about neuroscience and to learn of new research in neuroscience. Since 1968, AANN has grown from 100 to 4,000 members all over the world who are interested in neurosurgical nursing (Maureen Spokes, 2008). This growth in the organization shows that more nurses are…

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