Essay on The Amendment Of The Constitution

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Amendment Essay
The purpose of the Constitution is to set up an organized government with rules and regulations that can be changed if needed through amendments. By adding the Bill of Rights, the Constitution became a living document that could evolve and adapt as our nation grows. The Bill of Rights gives us the ability to govern ourselves in the future, enjoy many freedoms that people in some other countries do not have, and change with the times. The amendments specify our rights and liberties, and protects us from being swayed by popular opinion or abusive government officials. Today, there are 27 total amendments that were added to protect the interests and inalienable rights of all citizens so that no one is deprived of life, liberty, or property.
I couldn’t not live without free speech and freedom of religion provided by the First Amendment. This amendment affects my daily life because I always use it to express myself, my thoughts, and my religion. My friend and I use this amendment every day at the lunch table, on the bus, and over group texts when we are discussing something, and everyone can share their opinions freely about the topic. I believe our First Amendment rights were compromised on August 28, 2015, when the U.S. Court of Appeals upheld a law that no one can assemble or exhibit any sort of free speech, including signs, on the steps of the Supreme Court. This ruling was in response to a lawsuit by the Rutherford Institute after the arrest of…

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