The Amendment Of The Bill Of Rights Essay

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In the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights, it states that an individual shall have a freedom of speech and freedom of press. However, numerous of controversies challenged the right of freedom of speech, and how people should use this right without violating other’s rights. The college student’s way of expressing their beliefs is the perfect example for this argument. In some cases, when college students express their racial, sexual, and religious views through songs, banners, and other’s methods, are often perceived extremely controversial. This is because of the fact that if a student used their freedom of speech and verbally violates other individual’s right to equality given by the constitution undermines the equality of all. Consequently, a student who verbally abused the other student is protected by the Supreme Court. Therefore, Supreme Court’s approach to this complication raises a lot of questions regarding whether the freedom of speech is clearly defined in the Constitution. University of Maryland fraternity member’s email, which contained sexual harassment brought much attention for a while. In response, the University of Maryland President Wallace D. Loh took an alternative action by not allowing those students who wrote that letter to come on campus the next semester. Although, many people from the community insisted that those students should be expelled from the University, but the President Loh decided to not to expel them. Under the first amendment, those…

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