The Amateur Sports Act Of 1978 Essay

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Prior to the passing of the Title IX antidiscrimination law, women were viewed solely as teachers, nurses, and homemakers, who were excluded from opportunities for good jobs and equal pay. The Amateur Sports Act of 1978 (Lopiano, 2000) was ground breaking for women as this law allowed women to participate in sport regardless of their gender and race. The creation of Title IX paved the way for women and girls to find their place in society. Parents understood that sport participation was a positive piece in the physical, emotional and social well-being of their children (Lopiano, 2000). For example, active girls and women had more confidence and self-esteem in themselves compared to inactive girls (Lopiano, 2000), and a 1995 survey also indicated that physical activity decreased the risk of behaviours such as smoking (Aaron et al, 1996). Another key finding in research shows that girls who participated in sport experienced greater academic success than girls who did not play sport (Lopiano, 2000). Despite these advances for female equality in sport, statistics show that women are still under-represented head coaches. In NCAA Division 1, there is a female head coach for 40.3% of women’s teams and 2.8% of men’s teams (Blom et al, 2011). In Canada, women make up 30% of the coaches of women’s teams (Cunningham, 2007). Specifically at UBC, of the 25 varsity teams (13 male, 12 female) that represent the school, there are only 2 female head coaches; one for women’s basketball and…

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