Essay The Alien Land Laws And The United States

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Upon the application and introduction of the Alien Land Laws, the United States Government attempted to discourage Asians from immigrating and settling in the land of the United States permanently. The people from other regions were designated to shows and indicated their racial origin from where they were able to permit to access some of the areas or rather an own land and other related properties (Carlisle, 253). The 1952 act largely impacted citizenship requirements for Asians Americans but in 1965, Asian Americans were no longer excluded from immigrating to the United States. Before The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, many barriers were prohibiting Asian Americans from coming to the United States. There were Naturalization Acts, Exclusion Acts, and much more. If and when Asian Americans were in the United States, there were still many barriers they had to face every day regarding work, freedom and citizenship (255). Even though it seemed like quite a while before Asian Americans were allowed to immigrate, the Alien Land Laws was another obstacle they had to get through to freely operate and own land. In 1913, the Laws prohibited “aliens ineligible for citizenship” from owning land or property. They also couldn’t lease property for more than three years. The way “aliens ineligible for citizenship’’ affected them was through the law. They could not be citizens at the time, and were not allowed the many opportunities. This made them “forever foreigners” as…

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