Essay on The Album `` Spirit `` By Leona Lewis

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Finding someone that fills the emptiness of your heart with love and happiness because you found someone that understand you and accept you for who you are. All those memories share together, to realize that you found the one who you’re willing to spend the rest of your life with. Is that special person that can make your face light up, your palms sweat, and experience a flutter of electricity racing through your body. You’re in love. Until he or she decides that relationship is not the same and break your heart by letting you go. In the album “Spirit”, Leona Lewis demonstrates how painful it is to go through a breakup and moving on. Throughout her songs Lewis writes about time being the solution to heal, creates comfort to her listeners, and appreciate the emotions the artist’s portraits in her songs. Was Lewis album “Spirit” more than embracing the pain cause by a lover? When you’re going through a breakup is hard to let go because all of the memories share together but at the end, you need to acknowledge that the relationship was not working out. In “Better in Time”, Lewis says “it’s been the longest winter without you / after all that we’ve been through”(Line 1, 4) emphasize how now that you and that person are no longer together it gives the impression that time is going by slower because you’re still holding to those memories and everything that has happened throughout the relationship. Even through the bad times, you miss the person who you fell in love with and who…

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