The Air And Missile Defense Of Our Nation 's Capital Essay

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The Air and Missile Defense of Our Nation’s Capital Throughout our nation’s history, and even before, America’s militia has answered the call to guard and defend America’s citizens and way of life. Following the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, President George W. Bush authorized the activation of the Reserves of each military branch as well as the Army and Air National Guard. Initially, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld designated more than 35,000 reserve component men and women the task of protecting strategically significant and vulnerable high profile sites. The safeguards provided by this call-up delivered very little real defensive worth, however it did placate the public’s demand that their government provide protection in the face of unprecedented chaos. Over time National Guard Air Defense Artillery Battalions rotated through the tangible assignment of around the clock vigil of the skies over Washington, District of Columbia (DC) as well as the rest of the of the national capital region (NCR). Nevertheless, as the Army draws down the number of Regular Army air defenders, National Guard Soldiers are yet again preparing to begin the 13th consecutive rotation of the NCR air defense mission. As the Department of Defense reduces manning levels, the cost of maintaining the annual rotation of National Guard units mandates the transfer of responsibility of the defense of Washington D.C. from the reserve component to Regular Army air defense.
America’s Militia…

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